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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Glass City Dog Park open to everyone?

The Glass City Dog Park is open to everyone, however a membership is required. We strive to make our memberships affordable enough that all are able to enjoy the Greater Toledo Area's only off-leash dog park.

Why must dogs be spayed or neutered to receive a Glass City Dog Park membership?

Our policy at Glass City Dog Park is to require all dogs to be spayed or neutered for the safety and health of all. While many unaltered dogs are very well behaved, some can be aggressive if they are not spayed or neutered. Additionally, if we allowed unneutered dogs, then to be fair, female dogs who have not been spayed would also need to be allowed. The combination of unneutered dogs with a female dog in heat could cause quite the commotion.

This policy is very common at other top dog parks around the country. We recognize the seriousness of dog overpopulation and are not interested in our dog park becoming a breeding ground for more dogs.

When is the park busiest and least busy?

Weekends and weeknight evenings are the busiest times for the Glass City Dog Park and the perfect time to visit if you and your dog would like to meet new friends.

Weekdays before 4:00 p.m. are the least busy times for the Glass City Dog Park and the perfect time to introduce a shy or less-socialized dog to the area.

What do I do if I see dogs fighting or acting in an aggressive manner?

Remain calm and objective. Emotional reactions can often escalate an already tense situation.
Never reach into a dog fight! Aggressive or threatened dogs, even you own, can bite unintentionally as a defense mechanism.
Distract the dogs with a loud noise, a whistle or a splash of water.
Keep uninvolved dogs from joining into the action. Leash your dog(s) and remove them from the vicinity.
If injuries occur, exchange contact information with the owners of the other dogs involved. Remember, owners are responsible for any injuries caused by their dogs during their time at the Glass City Dog Park.
Please email Toledo Unleashed at  to report the incident.

I need to report something or someone. Who can I contact?

Please use your best judgement when deciding on who to contact in any specific situation.
  • For emergencies, call 911.
  • For non-emergent situations, phone the Toledo Police non-emergency line at (419) 245-3340.
  • For park-specific issues or concerns about other members, please email


Help, I lost my Glass City Dog Park gate key card!

Please contact us if your electronic gate key card has been lost or stolen. Please note that a $10 fee applies to receive a replacement key card.

Why is a gate key $5 when you first join and $10 if you lose it?

The gate keys are very expensive. In addition, it is very time consuming to deactivate a membership card and activate a new one. It requires a trip to the park to complete this task. We hope that the $10 replacement fee reminds our members of the value of that card.

What if I sign up and my dog doesn’t like it? Will I get a refund?

If this is a new experience for your dog, it may take a few trips to the dog park for him/her to adjust. We will refund your membership within the first 30 days if your dog is not happy.

If I am a current member, do I need to fill out all the forms?

Renewing your membership is easy! We just need a few things from you.
  1. Your name (example: Fred Flintstone)
  2. The new dog license number for each dog (example: Pebbles 32341 / Bam Bam 55843)
  3. Payment – Yearly fee is $45 for the first 2 dogs and $10 for each additional dog
  4. Your membership number which is the on your gate key card - it is the last 6 digits of the 16 digit code – this will help us process your renewal quickly
  5. Please make sure your dogs vaccinations are current or submit an updated signed vaccination form. (click here for form)
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